District 7, Divisions 1-3


District 7 Electoral Map

Division 7-1:  Division 7-1 runs north-east along Highway 2 in Lantz.  It is bordered by the Shubenacadie River and Highway 102, and is mostly comprised of residential subdivisions.  Roads include:  Church St, Lloyd Dr, Frenchy Rd, Palley Rd, Martin Crt, Green Rd, Green Road Exten., Preepers Ln, Logan Dr, Ashford Pl, and Tower View Crt.  Partial roads include:  Highway 2 (civic 984-1239), and Highway 277 (civic 201).

Division 7-2:  Division 7-2 is located in the community of Lantz on the west side of Highway 2 and bordered by Highway 102, it contains primarily subdivision roads.  Roads include: Poplar Dr, Maple Cres, Kelly Ave, Brookside Ave, Oakmount Dr, Evergreen Cres, Spruce St, Ryan Ave, Turner James Ave, Trevors Ln, Karla Dawn Ave, Frederick Allen Dr, Hazelwood Ave, Alder Cres, Acorn Ave, and Lefrense Ln.  Partial roads include Highway 2 (civic 1158-1276).

Division 7-3:  Division 7-3 is centered around a portion of Highway 2, running north from the community of Lantz to Milford.  Roads include: Carolyns Way, Isnor Rd, Myers Ln, Earles Crt, Robert Scott Dr, Woodworth Rd, John Hiltz Ln, Sunnycroft Ln, Edward Kerr Dr, Coventry Ln, Mader St, Scott Dr, and Kerr Dr.  Partial roads include: Highway 2 (civic 1275-2090), and Milford Rd (civic 1121).


Voting in the October Municipal election will be by telephone, internet and paper ballots. By the end of September, registered voters will receive a Voter Information Letter by mail with detailed information on how to vote.

Are you on the Voter’s List? To confirm you are on the Voter’s List, please enter your information in our Am I on the Voters List Tool or call us at 902-751-0588 or 1-833-434-0623.

Telephone and internet voting will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, October 9, and continue through to 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 17.

Paper ballots can be cast in-person only on Election Day, October 17, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Polling location for residents in District 7, Divisions 1-3:




Julie Benoit
Phone: 902-410-6334
Email: benoitforlantzandmilford@outlook.com
Facebook: Benoit for Lantz/Milford
Official Agent: Julie Benoit

John A. MacDonald
Phone: 902-483-7382
Email: johna@johnamacdonald.ca
Website: johnamacdonald.ca
Facebook: JohnAEastHants
Official Agent: John A. MacDonald

Jonathan Nieforth
Phone: 902-233-4505
Email: jonathanfnieforth@gmail.com

Walter Tingley
Phone: 902-883-8078
Email: w.tingley@ns.sympatico.ca

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