District 6, Divisions 1-3


Electoral Division Map

Division 6-1: Division 6-1 runs along the Highway 215 on the north shore from East Noel to Moose Brook.  Roads include:  Point Rd, Lake Rd, Hardwood Hill Rd, Lighthouse Ln, Wharf Rd, Centre Rd, Dyke Rd, Burntcoat Rd, Singer Rd, Maggies Ln, Old Highway 354, and Old Rd.  Partial roads include:  Findley Rd (civic 20-439), Highway 354 (civic 7495-9053), Northfield (civic 1799-2511), and Highway 215 (civic 2544-5720).

Division 6-2:  Division 6-2 continues west along Highway 215 on the north Shore from Tennecape to Walton.  Roads include:  Tennecape Wharf Rd, Sunrise Dr, First Ave, Second Ave, Donald St, Green Rd, William Conley Ln, Back Rd, Tideview Ln, Weir Ln, Lorne Smith Rd, and Parker Dr.  Partial roads:  Walton Woods Rd (civic 3930 to the West/East Hants border), Highway 215 (civic 39-2438).

Division 6-3:  Division 6-3 is primarily centered along the Highway 354 running through the communities of Kennetcook, Noel Road, and North Noel Road.  Roads include:  Hour Rd, Creel Ln, Art Ettinger Rd, Chalmers Anthony Rd, Colbert Rd, Uriah Ln, Everett White Rd, James White Rd, White Settlement Rd, Otis White Rd, Mason White Rd, Milford White Rd, Vincent White Rd, Rita Ln, Emmerson White Loop, and Frank Green Rd.  Partial roads include:  Highway 354 (civic 5540-7473), Rhines Rd (civic 1282), and Highway 236 (civic 3603-4908).


Voting in the October Municipal election will be by telephone, internet and paper ballots. By the end of September, registered voters will receive a Voter Information Letter by mail with detailed information on how to vote.

Are you on the Voter’s List? To confirm you are on the Voter’s List, please enter your information in our Am I on the Voters List Tool or call us at 902-751-0588 or 1-833-434-0623.

Telephone and internet voting will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, October 9, and continue through to 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 17.

Paper ballots can be cast in-person only on Election Day, October 17, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Polling location for residents in District 6, Divisions 1-3:



Ron Fortune
Phone: 902-818-7409

Wayne Greene
Phone: 902-369-2629
Email: wayne_greene@live.com
Facebook: waynegreene

Angela Sanford
Phone: 902-751-0987
Email: sanfordfamily1995@gmail.com
Facebook: Vote Angela Sanford – District 6
Official Agent: Angela Sanford

Alfred M. Benoit – acclaimed


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