District 4, Divisions 1-3


Electoral Division Map

Division 4-1:  Division 4-1 Starts at civic 2464 Highway 2, Shubenacadie and runs north to civic 2878.  Includes the main village of Shubenacadie and its residential subdivisions.  Boundaries are the Shubenacadie River, Crombe Rd (civic 489) and Mill Village Rd (civic 112).  Enumerations roads include: Densmore Rd, Searle Ln, Gibbs Rd, Havenwood Dr, CN Access Rd, Conley St, Kitchen Ave, Second St, Ettinger Hill, Second St, Tully Ave, Kirkpatrick Ln, Beattie Dr, Keddy Ln, Ross Barr Rd, and J P Ln.  Partial roads include:  Crombe Rd (civic 489), Highway 2 (civic 2878), Mill Village Rd (civic 112), Highway 214 (civic 370), and Highway 215 (civic 43).

Division 4-2:  Division 4-2 continues north on Crombe Rd (civic 619), Mill Village Rd (civic 145), and Highway 215 (civic 164) Shubenacadie.  Containing a portion of the Sipenkne’katik Reserve it ends at civic 1577 North Salem Rd.  Roads include:  Stanely Dr, Moxsom Dr, Eagles Nest Ave, Old Farm Rd, Meadow Brooks Rd, MacKay Rd, Parker Rd, Indian School Rd, Mitchell Rd, Nelson Rd, MacDonald Rd, Etter Rd, Matthews Dr, MacPhee Rd, Rokest Ln, Weir Ln, Racetrack Rd, James Hill Rd, and North Salem Rd.  Partial roads include:  Salem Cross Rd (civic 881), Indian Rd (civic 3481), Highway 215 (civic 14174), Crombe Rd (civic 619), Robinson Rd (civic 486), and Meadow Dr (civic 341).

Division 4-3:  Division 4-3 primarily consists of Sipenkne’katik Reserve residents.  Roads include:  Brown Flats Rd, Tuff St, Poplar St, Bear Claw Ln, Tower Rd, Burma Rd, Church St, Hollywood Dr, Sesame St, Vine Ave, Dowie Rd, and Eagle Feather Rd.  Partial Roads include: Indian Rd from civic 3411 to 2707, as well as North Salem Rd from civic 17 to civic 335 in Shubenacadie.


Voting in the October Municipal election will be by telephone, internet and paper ballots. By the end of September, registered voters will receive a Voter Information Letter by mail with detailed information on how to vote.

Are you on the Voter’s List? To confirm you are on the Voter’s List, please enter your information in our Am I on the Voters List Tool or call us at 902-751-0588 or 1-833-434-0623.

Telephone and internet voting will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, October 9, and continue through to 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 17.

Paper ballots can be cast in-person only on Election Day, October 17, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Polling location for residents in District 4, Divisions 1-3:




Ian Knockwood
Phone: 902-751-2433
Email: ianjknockwood@gmail.com

Carl MacPhee
Phone: 902-758-2824 or 902-430-8170
Email: carlmacphee2@gmail.com
Facebook: Carl MacPhee for District 4
Official Agent: Brant MacPhee

Paul Preiss
Phone: 902-750-0619
Email: preiss4district4@gmail.com
Facebook: preiss4district4

Marianne Stewart
Phone: 902-449-4785
Email: marianne4councillor@gmail.com
Facebook: Marianne4Councillor
Official Agent: Jennifer MacDougall

Kim Williams
Phone: 902-236-2166
Email: chinleywilliams@gmail.com


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