District 3, Divisions 1-3


Electoral Division Map

Division 3-1:  Division 3-1 begins at 2096 Highway 2 and ends at 2389 Highway 2 Milford.  Bordered by the Shubenacadie River and Highway 102.  Primarily consisting of residential subdivisions, the enumeration roads include: Milford Rd, Lacey Rd, Riverview Dr, Riverview St, Hunter Rd, Valley View Rd, VanTol Ln, Sylvia Ave, Lisa DR, Cynthia Ln, Angies Walk, Bayberry Dr, Rennie Ln, Bonito Verde Dr, and Bethal Ln.  Partial roads include: Highway 2, Highway 14 (civic 80), Highway 214 (civic 580).

Division 3-2:  Division 3-2 begins west of Highway 102, and bordering the Sipenkne’katik Reserve.  Following Highway 14 at civic 9161 Milford and continuing west to civic 6988 Highway 14, and down 1143 Enfield Rd, Nine Mile River.  Roads include:  Robyn Dr, Sand Point Rd, Maple Dr, Birch Hill Dr, Hillcrest Ln, Bell Crt, Analeigh Way, Matheson Crt, Millers Ln, Dalrymple Dr, Pine Crt, Dalrymple Rd, Egbert Caldwell Rd, Moxsom Rd, Fraser Rd, MacDonald Rd, and Sandy Desert Rd. Partial roads include: Highway 14, Garden Rd (civic 740), Highway 214 (civic 1412), and Enfield Rd.  This division also includes Milford Business Park (Hubley Rd, Lohnes St)

Division 3-3:  Division 3-3 runs north from 6844 Highway 14 to 4514 Highway 14 Upper Nine Mile River, and East along Indian Rd (781).  Roads to be enumerated include: Renfrew Rd, Easy St, Hogan Rd, Old Barr Rd, Abdelghani Dr, Machphee Rd, West MacPhee Rd, C P Thompson Rd, Caldwell Rd, MacIntosh Rd, Ess Rd, Moose Ln, Warren MacPhee Rd, and Fraser Rd.  Partial roads include: Highway 14, Highway 202 (civic 3530), Slate Quarry Rd (civic 510), Indian Rd (156).


There will be no election in this district. Both Council and CSAP candidates have been acclaimed.


Eldon Hebb – acclaimed
Phone: 902-883-2047
Email: eldonhebb@hotmail.com

Alfred M. Benoit – acclaimed


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