District 2, Divisions 1-3


District 2 Electoral Map

Division 2-1Division 2-1 is bordered by Highway 2 and Highway 102, Elsmdale.  It includes all roads in the Elmwood Subdivision beginning at 2 Elmwood Dr.  Roads include:  Elmwood Dr, Blakely Dr, Tannery Dr, Endale Dr, Hemlock Dr, and West Crt.  Bordering Highway 102 and Highway 2.

Division 2-2: Division 2-2 begins at 618 Highway 2, Elmsdale and continues along both sides until 813 Highway 2.  Bordered by the Shubenacadie River and Highway 102, at 207 Highway 214 and Roulston Dr, Elmsdale (west).  Roads include:  Pine Grove Dr, Horne Rd, MacDonald Cres, Pine Hill Dr, Beech St, Lorna Crt, Miller Rd, Mackeyes Ln, Maplewood Ln, Percys Ln, MacPhees Terr, and School Rd.  Partial roads include: Elmsdale Rd/Highway 214 (Civic 46-207 both sides).

Division 2-3:  Division 2-3 includes civics 850-960 inclusive along the west side of Highway 2 Elmsdale.  Continuing west along Highway 214 at civic 209 (Roulston Dr) to civic 1351.  This division includes many commercial sites such those on Mason Ln and the Elmsdale Business Park.  Roads to enumerate include:  Codys Ln, Rhodas Ln, Roulston Dr, Brook Crt, Country Ln, Hillcrest Ln, MacDonnell Dr, Elmbel Dr, Ellingwood Ln, Royal Oaks Way, Pine Ridge Ln, Ridge Wood Crt, Meadow View Way, Belnan Ave, Withrow Dr, and Pine St.  Partial roads include: Highway 2, Highway 214, and Garden Rd (civic 408).


Voting in the October Municipal election will be by telephone, internet and paper ballots. By the end of September, registered voters will receive a Voter Information Letter by mail with detailed information on how to vote.

Are you on the Voter’s List? To confirm you are on the Voter’s List, please enter your information in our Am I on the Voters List Tool or call us at 902-751-0588 or 1-833-434-0623.

Telephone and internet voting will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, October 9, and continue through to 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 17.

Paper ballots can be cast in-person only on Election Day, October 17, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Polling location for residents in District 2, Divisions 1-3:




Stephen King
Phone: 902-883-9340
Email: stephen.king@ns.sympatico.ca
Facebook: Stephen.King and Stephen King Re-elect
Official Agent: Stephen King

Norval Mitchell
Phone: 902-883-9167
Email: mitchelln@hotmail.com
Facebook: NorvalMitchell
Official Agent: Terry Isenor
Official Agent Phone: 902-883-9035 or 902-449-6505

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