District 10, Divisions 1-3


District 10 Electoral Map

Division 10-1:  Division 10-1 begins at civic 110 Highway 2 and continues north to Old Horne Settlement Rd Enfield, and keeping west of Highway 2 and Highway 102.  Roads include:  Buchanan Ave, Sherwood Park, Doyle Dr, Parker Pl Cres, Station Rd, Convent Rd, Rosary Ln, George Peters Rd, Old Horne Settlement Rd, Old Enfield Rd, Mayflower Dr, Cranberry Crt, Malcolm Lucas Dr, Edmund Rd, Whitney Maurice Dr, Tower Rd, Welsh Rd.  Partial roads include: Enfield Rd (civic 22-193), Renfrew Rd (civic 9-230), Horne Settlement Rd (civic 738-834 even), Old Horne Settlement Rd (civic 2-16), and Old Enfield Rd (civic 8-269)

Division 10-2:  Division 10-2 bordered to the east of Grand Lake, it runs from 20 Old Horne Settlement Rd to 736 Horne Settlement Rd Enfield including all subdivision roads in between.  Roads included:  Langan Ln, Barretts Rd, Barretts Ln, Barretts Lake Rd, Boyds Dr, Bellefontaine Rd, Glengarry Rd, Fish Cove Dr, Monte Cristo Way, Whisper Woods Ln, Cochrane Point Rd, Tower View Rd, Stephens Wood Rd, Neilly Dr, Jessica Lynn Dr, Cochran Rd, Arrowhead Dr, Deep Woods Ln, Arrowhead Ln, Feather Ln, Red Oak Dr, and Springer Ln.  Partial roads include: Old Horne Settlement Rd (civic 20-47), and Horne Settlement Rd (civic 44-736).

Division 10-3:  Division 10-3 is contains subdivisions off of Enfield Rd and those to the west of Grand Lake, Enfield. Roads include:  O’neill Rd, Sheridan Brook Rd, Edward Dr, Sleepy Hollow Ln, Sullys Dr, Tracy Dr, McDonnell Trailer Court Rd, Monte Vista Rd, Hemlock Crt, Martins Point Rd, Bella Vista Ln, Alder Ln, Grand Lake Pt Rd, Rafter Rd, Timber Dr, Belfield Ln, Bon Way Dr, and Country Ln.  Partial roads include:  Renfrew Rd (civic 244), Horne Settlement Rd, (civic 729-839 odd side), Thomas St (civic 33-288), and Enfield Rd (civic 249-922).


Voting in the October Municipal election will be by telephone, internet and paper ballots. By the end of September, registered voters will receive a Voter Information Letter by mail with detailed information on how to vote.

Are you on the Voter’s List? To confirm you are on the Voter’s List, please enter your information in our Am I on the Voters List Tool or call us at 902-751-0588 or 1-833-434-0623.

Telephone and internet voting will begin at 8:00 am on Friday, October 9, and continue through to 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 17.

Paper ballots can be cast in-person only on Election Day, October 17, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Polling location for residents in District 10, Divisions 1-3:




John Douglas Boyd
Phone: 902-789-2732
Email: eroc1956@gmail.com
Facebook: JD Boyd
Official Agent: Donna Slaunwhite

Tom Isenor
Phone: 902-883-2071
Facebook: Tom M. Isenor

Louise Parker
Phone: 902-488-3937
Email: mlouiseparker01@gmail.com
Facebook: Marie-Louise Parker
Instagram: mlparker_enfield
LinkedIn: Marie-Louis Parker

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