2020 List of Candidates

Nominations have now closed. The official list of candidates for the 2020 Municipal and CSAP School Board Elections is below.

Municipal Council Candidates

District 1 – Enfield

Sam Balcom
Phone: 902-499-1883
Email: 4991883@gmail.com
Facebook: District1Sam

Sandra Garden-Cole
Phone: 902-476-0255
Email: sandragardencole@gmail.com
Facebook: Sandra Garden-Cole for Councillor District 1 Enfield

District 2 – Elmsdale-Belnan

Stephen King
Phone: 902-883-9340
Email: stephen.king@ns.sympatico.ca
Facebook: Stephen.King and Stephen King Re-elect
Official Agent: Stephen King

Norval Mitchell
Phone: 902-883-9167
Email: mitchelln@hotmail.com
Facebook: NorvalMitchell
Official Agent: Terry Isenor
Official Agent Phone: 902-883-9035 or 902-449-6505

District 3 – Milford-Nine Mile River

Eldon Hebb – acclaimed
Phone: 902-883-2047
Email: eldonhebb@hotmail.com

District 4 – Shubenacadie

Ian Knockwood
Phone: 902-751-2433
Email: ianjknockwood@gmail.com

Carl MacPhee
Phone: 902-758-2824 or 902-430-8170
Email: carlmacphee2@gmail.com
Facebook: Carl MacPhee for District 4
Official Agent: Brant MacPhee

Paul Preiss
Phone: 902-750-0619
Email: preiss4district4@gmail.com
Facebook: preiss4district4

Marianne Stewart
Phone: 902-449-4785
Email: marianne4councillor@gmail.com
Facebook: Marianne4Councillor
Official Agent: Jennifer MacDougall

Kim Williams
Phone: 902-236-2166
Email: chinleywilliams@gmail.com

District 5 – Maitland-MacPhees Corner

Shannon MacWilliam
Phone: 902-478-1553
Email: shannon.macwilliam@gmail.com
Facebook: ShannonForDistrict5

Keith Rhyno
Phone: 902-261-2533
Official Agent: Lawrin Armstrong

District 6 – Walton-Noel-Kennetcook

Ron Fortune
Phone: 902-818-7409

Wayne Greene
Phone: 902-369-2629
Email: wayne_greene@live.com
Facebook: waynegreene

Angela Sanford
Phone: 902-751-0987
Email: sanfordfamily1995@gmail.com
Facebook: Vote Angela Sanford – District 6
Official Agent: Angela Sanford

District 7 – Lantz-Milford

Julie Benoit
Phone: 902-410-6334
Email: benoitforlantzandmilford@outlook.com
Facebook: Benoit for Lantz/Milford
Official Agent: Julie Benoit

John A. MacDonald
Phone: 902-483-7382
Email: johna@johnamacdonald.ca
Website: johnamacdonald.ca
Facebook: JohnAEastHants
Official Agent: John A. MacDonald

Jonathan Nieforth
Phone: 902-233-4505
Email: jonathanfnieforth@gmail.com

Walter Tingley
Phone: 902-883-8078
Email: w.tingley@ns.sympatico.ca

District 8 – Mount Uniacke

Brandon Lynch
Phone: 902-499-3266
Email: lynch_brandon@hotmail.com
Official Agent: Sonya Lynch

Michael Perry
Phone: 902-701-0633
Email: michaelperry4district8@gmail.com
Facebook: Re-Elect Michael Perry for District 8 Mount Uniacke
Instagram: michaelperryns

District 9 – South-East Uniacke

Elie Moussa – acclaimed
Phone: 902-403-4588
Email: elienmoussa@hotmail.com
Facebook: Elie Moussa

District 10 – Enfield-Grand Lake

John Douglas Boyd
Phone: 902-789-2732
Email: eroc1956@gmail.com
Facebook: JD Boyd
Official Agent: Donna Slaunwhite

Tom Isenor
Phone: 902-883-2071
Facebook: Tom M. Isenor

Louise Parker
Phone: 902-488-3937
Email: mlouiseparker01@gmail.com
Facebook: Marie-Louise Parker
Instagram: mlparker_enfield
LinkedIn: Marie-Louis Parker

District 11 – Rawdon-Gore

Andrew Cluett
Phone: 902-329-1765
Email: ac2483@hotmail.com
Facebook: Cluett2020
Official Agent: Andrew Cluett

Eleanor Roulston
Phone: 902-632-2573
Email: eroulston@gmail.com
Facebook: Eleanor.roulston.1

CSAP Candidate

Alfred M. Benoit – acclaimed


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