Notice of Consideration of Bylaw P-1200, Lot Grading Bylaw

Take notice that the Council of the Municipality of East Hants hereby proposes the establishment of Bylaw P-1200, in Amendment to a Bylaw Respecting Lot Grading and Drainage. This Bylaw updates the current Lot Grading and Drainage Bylaw to ensure its intent is still relevant and updates the format of the Bylaw to ensure consistency with other Municipal bylaws.

First reading was given to the proposed Bylaw at the regular meeting of Council held on May 27, 2020. Second and final reading of the Bylaw is scheduled to be considered at the regular meeting of Council to be held on June 24, 2020. The text of the Bylaw may be inspected at For further information, email

Kim Ramsay
CAO & Municipal Clerk