False Fire and Burglar Alarm Bylaw

The East Hants Fire Service receives a number of false fire alarms each year.  Attending to these false fire alarms takes away from the time fire departments are available to respond to legitimate fire calls, has an unnecessary financial impact on departments and also puts a strain on volunteer fire fighters who miss time from their place of work to respond to these calls.  The East Hants Fire Service, through the Fire Advisory Committee, requested that false fire alarms be included in the Municipality’s Burglar Alarm Bylaw 5-1.


To address the concerns expressed by the East Hants Fire Services, changes have been made to the Municipality’s Burglar Alarm Bylaw 5-1.  The bylaw number and name has been changed to Bylaw F-500 Fire and Burglar Alarm Bylaw; East Hants Fire Service and fire alarms have been added; the definition of a legitimate activation event has been updated; and document format changes resulted in changes to section numbers.


Council gave First Reading to Bylaw F-500 at its regular meeting on May 25, 2016 and Second Reading and Enactment was given at Council’s regular meeting on June 29, 2016.


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