Where do I get property tax information?

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If you are selling your house, renewing your mortgage or purchasing a home in East Hants, you can get property tax information in the following ways:

  1. Tax Bills are sent to property owners twice a year – an interim bill in April and a final bill in August.  The final bill has complete property assessment information, local improvement charges (if applicable), area rates charged on the account and account balance information. The interim bill provides property information and account balance information.  Tax Bill reprints can be done at a cost of $10/reprint (Bylaw F-200).
  2. Tax Certificates provide certified current tax account information. The cost is $60 and all requests must be received in writing.
  3. Tax Account Statements can be issued at a cost of $10/statement (Bylaw F-200).

To obtain a Tax Bill reprint, a Tax Certificate or Tax Account Statement please fill out the form and contact the Tax Administrator at 902-883-2299 with your completed form.

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