What is East Hants looking for in a supplier?

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Just like you, we want good value and a good business transaction with no surprises.

To achieve that, the requirements for each competition may be unique and they will be described in the competition documents. Capacity, capability, quality, contingency, and the communication around these are becoming the focus of our evaluations because these are the things that demonstrate value to the Municipality. Our contracts aren’t designed to unreasonably hold suppliers to a standard that they have not committed to; we try to be clear about what we expect and we want suppliers to be clear about what they can provide. If you promise it, we’ll believe you and will expect you to provide it.

Our competition documents are the tools we use to communicate our needs. We’ll be as clear as we can about what we want and what we expect, we’ll tell you what we want to know and what we value, and we’ll tell you the things upon which we’ll base our award. Sometimes price will be the most important thing (when all things are equal) and sometimes we’ll have a set of standards we’ll look for before we’ll even consider your price; point is, you’ll know before you bid and can make your choices accordingly.

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