What Does East Hants require?

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Every job is different: individual projects have specific requirements which may also require certain qualifications. For example, we require anyone hired to do work on our premises to have Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia workplace insurance and almost always require the supplier to have Commercial General Liability insurance and to list us as an additional insured.

Higher value or higher risk construction projects may require Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia safety accreditation (WCB Safety Certified) while lower value or lower risk projects may just require the completion of a Safety Questionnaire. The point is that we want suppliers that value safety and adhere to the applicable safety legislation.

Bid bonds and contract security (performance and labour and material bonds) are commonly required for construction projects over $100,000.00.  We will sometimes look for performance security in certain service contracts (curbside collection). While we may consider alternative forms of security, such as irrevocable letter of credit or certified cheque, in smaller jobs, most bonding will be required to be in the form of a CCDC bond document.

More often we are including a number of specific questions in our competitions so that we can understand better how a supplier does business. We know responding to RFPs can be challenging; we’re not looking for fancy prose, just a clear and concise description of what you intend to do or provide as indicated by the question we’re asking. Answering questions gets points; not answering does not.

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