I heard Colchester is landfilling recyclables – what does that mean to East Hants?

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  • The Municipality of Colchester facility has closed to ensure the safety of their employees and to remain compliant with Public Health recommendations during the pandemic.
  • The Colchester Materials Recovery facility is the processor for East Hants blue bag materials (recyclables). With their closure, materials collected in East Hants have been stored at the East Hants Waste Management Centre.
    • Regular curbside recyclables collection is unaffected at this time. Material set out for collection will continue to be picked up.
    • Residents can opt to store recyclables until the facility reopens, and then place materials out for collection.
  • East Hants will need to send some recyclables to landfill this is due to storage safety concerns. However, this will be done as needed only. Alternatives for processing have already been found for some materials.
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