Are there new rules for going to the Waste Management Centre?

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Some residents have been to the site before and for some this will be their first visit. The following are important reminders for everyone coming in:

  1. Expect delays. The site has been closed to the public since March 19th.
  2. Line Up Safely. We encourage you to pull to the side (with your blinker on) so should emergency vehicles need access on the road they can get by.
  3. Please be patient. We have opted not to book appointments, as some facilities have decided to do. It is our hope that the process we have designed will be efficient and will allow the greatest number of vehicles to be managed (compared to an appointment process).
  4. Stay in your vehicle. Please stay in your vehicle at all times – except when unloading your materials.
  5. Weigh In & Out. All vehicles need to be weighed. Stay in your vehicle and simply roll down your window for staff to gather your information at the Scale House.
  6. Follow all directions. Staff will direct you to where to unload your materials. Do not stop at any other locations.
  7. Maintain physical distance. This includes between yourself, staff and other site users.
  8. Please be efficient unloading. With multiple vehicles looking to unloading materials please ensure you have all necessary equipment you may need and do not socialize – we want to process as many vehicles we can.
  9. Staff are unable to assist unloading.
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