Are permits required for my building project?

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You require a building permit for the following:

  • New homes or mini homes
  • Relocating a dwelling or mobile/mini home
  • Constructing an addition onto any home or building
  • Constructing a garage or storage shed greater than 20 sq. m (215 sq. ft)
    (* Please note: if you are in a zoned area you will be required to apply for a development permit for structures greater than 9 sq. m)
  • Any structural renovations to an existing dwelling or building
  • Any non-structural renovations that exceed $10,000 in monetary value
  • Any change of use in an existing building. (ie. single unit dwelling to a two unit dwelling)
  • Decks

Building permits ensure buildings are constructed using the proven safety standards and materials of the National Building Code.

To make a full application for a building permit the following information is required:

  • Floor plans, building elevations, cross sections
  • Plot plan/site plan
  • Lot grading plan (when lands are located where municipal water and wastewater services are provided)
  • Copy of approvals from other government agencies, where required (Nova Scotia Environment for septic and Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal for road access).

NOTE: A location certificate is also required by a surveyor once the footings have been installed.

Development permits are issued along with building permits to ensure that the development meets the requirements of the planned area of the Municipal Land Use Bylaw. Generally, Mount Uniacke, Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz, Milford, Shubenacadie, and a part of East Gore are located in the planned area. Outside of the planned area is the Wind Energy Zone where only wind turbines require development permits.

Please call 902.883.3387 to arrange an appointment for your building permit.


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