Can I enter the universal change room with someone else who is a different gender/sex?

Yes, the universal change room is designed to allow for this. There are private change cubicles, private showers and washrooms stalls for users.

What does a municipal Councillor do?

What is a Municipal Council’s main function? The Council of every Municipality is essentially responsible for making policy and high level governance decisions about the Municipality. They adopt strategy, pass…

Why is chlorine used as a disinfectant?

Chlorine has been shown to be an effective agent against waterborne bacteria and viruses.

Why do I smell and taste chlorine in my water?

The Nova Scotia Guidelines for Monitoring Public Drinking Water Supplies require that where a chlorine disinfection system is being used, a minimum free chlorine residual of 0.2 mg/L should be…

What if my water is discoloured?

If your water is discoloured, the first thing to do is run your hot water tap and fill a clear glass. If there is colour to the water then it…

How do I get my water tested?

If you are inside the water distribution serviced area (Enfield, Elmsdale, Lantz and Shubenacadie) you may call the Municipality at 902-883-2299 during 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday and ask to speak with…


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