Why did I get a water meter replacement letter but my neighbour did not?

Your neighbour may not have received a letter if their meter has already been replaced through a previous service call or appointment.

How do I have my meter replaced?

You will receive an introduction letter and a brochure in the mail from Neptune Technology instructing you on how to book your appointment.

Where can I find out about the new aquatic centre in East Hants?

It’s an exciting time in East Hants as we construct a $19m aquatic centre. Here are links with further information: Latest information Construction Camera  

How do I connect or disconnect my water?

You will need to complete a water connection or disconnection form. These can be filled out at the Municipal Office in Elmsdale, N.S or faxed to the attention of the Utility/Accounts Receivable…

Why is a grease trap important?

When warm FOG (fats, oils and grease) enter the plumbing system they cool, harden and can stick to the inside of sewer pipes. Overtime, this buildup can cause blocked sewers.…

What is FOG?

FOG is an acronym for fat, oil and grease. For more information about preventing FOG build up in the sewer system, click on the links below: F.O.G Prevention Saving our…

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is a plumbing device designed to trap fat, oils and grease (FOG’s) and prevent them from entering a wastewater system. For more information about preventing FOG build…

How does grease trap work?

Once the wastewater cools, fat, oil, and grease (FOG) harden and float to the top and the food solids settle at the bottom. The wastewater is forced through the grease trap and out…

Pipe Ownership – For what am I responsible?

East Hants is responsible for the water and sewer mains and short lengths of laterals which are located under the street and end at your property line. You are responsible…

Why is chlorine used as a disinfectant?

Chlorine has been shown to be an effective agent against waterborne bacteria and viruses.


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