How does the waitlist work for swim lessons/aquatic programs?

When a class fills up, we encourage you to join the waitlist. When someone unenrolls from a class, the first person on the waitlist is automatically enrolled in that class…

What is a change cubicle? Is it lockable?

A change cubicle is a private stall for users to access to change their clothes in private. Yes, the private stall cubicles and washroom stalls can all be locked.

If I don’t have a lock, can I leave my belongings in an open locker?

No, please bring your own lock. The Municipality of East Hants is not responsible for any items left behind, unlocked or stolen.

Can I enter the universal change room with someone else who is a different gender/sex?

Yes, the universal change room is designed to allow for this. There are private change cubicles, private showers and washrooms stalls for users.

Can I leave my belongings overnight in the universal change room?

All lockers located within the universal change rooms are DAY USE ONLY.

What is acceptable attire when in the open spaces of the universal change room?

Fully clothed or swimsuits, athletic wear (this could include a sports bra).

What is unacceptable attire when in the open spaces of the universal change room?

Nudity, undergarments (boxers, briefs, fashion bra or underwear).

What is the purpose of the open showers?

The open showers are to be utilized by patrons who are using the pools – it is an opportunity to rinse before entering the pool with your swimsuit on. All…

Recreation & Aquatic Program Terms & Conditions

Withdrawing From Programs Municipality of East Hants will issue full program credit to client accounts if notice of request to withdraw from a program is received a minimum of 5…

General Policies

Parent/Guardian Policy Children 7 years of age or younger must remain within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian (16+ years) at a ratio of 1 adult for every 2 children…


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