Economic Recovery Plan

The East Hants Economic Recovery Plan is a collaborative effort across the region. Public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations are working together to support businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Economic Recovery Plan is designed to provide direction for the community and businesses over the coming year and will be the primary focus of the Economic and Business Development division.

In addition, the three phases of this Recovery Plan allow for making adjustments accordingly as the situation changes. As an example, this could mean moving back and forth through the phases as needed in response to current conditions and having actions overlap between phases.

The Economic Recovery Plan was presented to East Hants Municipal Council in April 2020.

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Phase 1 – Resolve

Help the East Hants business community navigate through the current COVID-19 health crisis. This has included directed closures and the state of emergency, business layoffs, and temporary closings. During this phase, there was high risk and potential for disruption in critical services and supply chains (health care, food production, transportation, etc.).


  • Provide businesses direct support in adjusting operations and following health care directives.
  • Share information on current situation.
  • Help businesses and residents navigate and access programs and support.
  • Encourage and connect businesses that can help to meet the needs of health care and critical services.
  • Connect businesses who may be of assistance to one another.
  • Raise awareness of local businesses who are supporting or helping in the community and region during this crisis.

To – Date

Phase 2 – Stabilization and Return (Current Phase)

Businesses are adapting to moving back and forth through various levels of opening and restrictions, some residents have returned to work, and industries have started to resume on some level.


  • Help prepare businesses to reopen.
  • Connect businesses to the programs, supports and agencies they need to get open and running again.
  • Raise awareness of supports as they become available.
  • Raise awareness of local business efforts.

To – Date

Phase 3 – Recover

During this phase, people are free to go about their every day lives, and businesses will be open and running. Business, industry, and governments will be ready to again invest in the economy now that the crisis has passed. Businesses will need to be operating in the “next normal” which could involve shifts in behaviors from consumers, supply chain, government and regulation, workforce, and business and organizational structures.


  • Help local businesses recover and re-invent themselves through connections and supports.
  • Accelerate investment attraction.
  • Promote why the community is a great place to do business, and the advantages the community has.
  • Promote business confidence, and share success stories through marketing campaigns.
  • Encourage local economy – this could involve buy, eat, and support local initiatives.
  • Encourage placemaking and community confidence through events and utilizing our unique community spaces.
  • Learn from the experience and help businesses with planning for resiliency and the potential for future disruptions.

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