Intellectual Property, Patents and Investments

Your work is important and valuable. If you’ve imagined, created, or invented it, you need to protect it. Safeguarding your intellectual property or a product you’ve created ensures your hard work is not wasted.

Generally, patents are available to products that meet three criteria:
1. A new product – was not available before you filed a patent for it
2. Utility – the invention must be functional and useful
3. Genuine ingenuity

Patenting your product in Canada comes with many strategic advantages:
• Canadian patents protect your products domestically and against competing products being imported into Canada or exported into international markets
• Cost-effective and sophisticated patent filing system with relatively low fees
• ‘First to file’ system allows for a one-year grace period for inventors’ disclosure

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is the governing authority on patents and intellectual property.

Our Business Development Officers can provide confidential support as you engage with CIPO.


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