Commercial land is affordable and available in East Hants.  Our competitive costs, available skilled workforce, and growing communities and business parks continue to support and attract both small and large manufacturers.

As part of the Greater Halifax Area East Hants also enjoys excellent transportation links via rail, controlled access highway, road, air and ship to link to your suppliers.

Successful East Hants businesses operating in this sector include the Shaw Group of CompaniesFCM RecyclingWeiss Bio-FuelRomor Ocean TechnologyMobile ValveMCK CabinetryElmsdale Lumber and Scotia Plastics.

Opportunities in Manufacturing in East Hants

  • Manufactured Wood Products
  • Wood Energy (Pellets)
  • Marine Manufacturing
  • Seafood Packaging and Processing
  • Aerospace and Defense

East Hants supports the manufacturing sector by the active management and promotion of our business parks, maintaining stable commercial tax rates and by supporting and collaborating with the Halifax Gateway Council and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal to ensure excellent access to key business areas.

Are you starting or growing a manufacturing business in East Hants?  Our Business Development Officers can assist you by assisting with your business concept and connecting you to funding opportunities and other resources.