Forestry is one of the largest industries in East Hants. Home to vast tracts of forests, access to markets, and significant processing capabilities, there are many opportunities for success.

Major forestry businesses in our economy region include Elmsdale Lumber (ELCO)Ledwidge LumberGoodfellow IncScothorn Farms and Shaw Resources (Eastern Embers).  For a complete list of forestry businesses, see our business directory.

Opportunities in Forestry in East Hants

  • Christmas Tree Production
  • Wood Energy (pellets and hardwood for home heating)
  • Secondary Wood Manufacturing
  • Fine Cabinetry
  • Hardwood Exports

East Hants supports the forestry sector by supporting and collaborating with the industry partners and local businesses.

Partnerships with Federal and Provincial government results in regular and significant improvement to road infrastructure to support business investment.

Are you starting or growing a forestry business in East Hants?  Our Business Development Officers can assist you by assisting with your business concept and connecting you to funding opportunities and other resources.


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