Energy is both an important business cost consideration and a business opportunity in East Hants.

Wind Energy

Our Wind Energy zoning balances tremendous economic development opportunities with community values. As a progressive and growing region, we are actively seeking to expand the wind energy sector.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is an important business input.  Local businesses are harnessing this resource in two unique ways.

  • Heritage Gas supplies Shaw Brick in Lantz with trucked CNG gas to power their brick kilns (2013)
  • ICI Biogas has been working with local farms to produce natural gas by processing manure from farms such as Windmill Holsteins in Shubenacadie.
    • ICI is currently working on supplying small volume users with locally produced natural gas with trucks similar to propane delivery trucks.

With these promising advancements, the future for natural gas in East Hants is bright. This advantage means a future of affordable energy is possible for your business or home.

Opportunities in Energy in East Hants

  • Wind Energy
  • Wood Energy (Pellet Supply and Hardwood)
  • Tidal / Small Hydro
  • Biogas (producer and consumer opportunities)

East Hants supports the energy sector by working with local businesses, advocating for the sector through membership in the Maritimes Energy Association, and supporting progressive regulations to enable innovation.

Are you interested in bringing or growing your energy-based business in East Hants?  Our Business Development Officers can assist you by introducing you to local businesses, assisting with your business concept, and connecting you to funding opportunities and other resources.


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