Mainstreet Vision for Nova Scotia Communities

Supporting placemaking, walkability, economic activity and design of the central roads and nearby spaces in our communities.


The Nova Scotia Main Street Initiative Community Workbook is now available.

East Hants was a participant in the development of this project, which was led by the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities Active Transportation Committee and Fowler, Bauld and Mitchell (FBM).

The project focused on research and public engagement around the walkability, accessibility, economic activity, and design of the central provincial roads in rural and smaller communities in Nova Scotia. The goal of the project was to highlight issues and develop ways to improve challenges in areas where highways are the main street in the community.

In total, three rural Nova Scotia communities were part of the project, and nearly 100 residents from the three communities participated in the engagement sessions. The study area for the project in East Hants was the Elmsdale Village Core along Highway 214 and Highway 2 in Elmsdale, NS. The other two participating communities were St. Peter’s and Westville.

The recently released 72-page workbook summarizes the research conducted earlier this year and intends to help communities rethink the importance and future of their Main Streets. The workbook identifies opportunities for community-based approaches to improve main street, as well as considerations for government strategies, programs and policies.


The Nova Scotia Main Streets Initiative project was supported by Connect2, a grant program administered by Nova Scotia Energy and Mines and by participating partner organizations. The partner organizations, include Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Bicycle Nova Scotia, Ecology Action Centre, Develop Nova Scotia, and selected municipalities and regional enterprise networks.

On February 11, 2020 approximately 30 residents, businesses and community leaders participated in a focus group workshop. The workshop was focused on the Elmsdale Village Core. Participants shared their experience and vision for main streets in Nova Scotia through the lenses of transportation, local economy and community placemaking.

Project Leads

Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities – Active Transportation Committee

Fowler, Bauld and Mitchell (FBM)