Fundy Shore Central Region


Adventure and stunning views line the Fundy Shore, home of the world’s highest recorded tides. From restaurants to rafting and bed-and-breakfasts, the Fundy Shore provides something for everyone. Driven by tides, tourism, and breathtaking views, the Fundy Shore is Nova Scotia’s heart of adventure and relaxation.

Growing Tourism Sector

Connection to the Halifax region, infrastructure improvements, and increased tourist visitation to the region provide an excellent climate for investment opportunities to capitalize on this momentum. Tourism traffic to the area has seen year over year growth with a 7% increase to over 30,000 visitors in 2018.


Central East Hants and the Fundy Shore bridges the Corridor Region with the Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia. Connecting the Fundy Shore, Halifax, and southwest Nova Scotia this area provides excellent access to many provincial markets.


The Fundy Shore Central Region contains an educated workforce, with over 50% holding a Post Secondary certificate, diploma or degree. The labourforce in the region is highlighted by concentrations of occupations in Trades and Transportation; Sales and Service; and Business and Finance. These occupations are concentrated in Construction, Health Care, Retail Trade, and Agricultural Industries.


Secondary provincial highways, access to Halifax in the south and the availability of land and properties provides the Fundy Shore Central Region with a strategic advantage for business clients, particularly those in the Agricultural and Tourism sectors.

The Village of Maitland, home of Canada’s oldest general store, is also home to Nova Scotia’s first Heritage Conservation District. The area also boasts an active business and community organization climate.


Community ties and commitment to supporting local business are trademarks of Central East Hants and the Fundy Shore. This area is known for its rich agricultural and shipbuilding history, and recently its expanding tourism business base including rafting, skydiving, and accommodations.

The Fundy Shore is a truly unique experience – residents enjoy amazing tidal rivers and open space, while being within commuting distance of Halifax. New tourism investments in facilities like Burntcoat Heat Park and the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre continue to add to the attractiveness of this unique region.

Business in the Fundy Shore Central Region

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