Accessibility in East Hants: Information for Businesses

Learn how you can make your business more accessible and inclusive.

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  1. Accessibility improves business
  2. Make your business more accessible
  3. Find skilled talent

Accessibility improves business

Identifying and removing barriers for persons with disabilities can help to create a community that is built for everyone. Persons with disabilities will choose a business where they feel welcomed, and where they can easily get the products and services they want.

Persons with disabilities are a large and growing group of consumers. There are over 200,000 persons in Nova Scotia with disabilities. More than 40% of this population is over the age of 65. Learn more about the prevalence of disabilities in Nova Scotia.

Businesses can attract more customers and employees by removing as many barriers to access as possible, making East Hants open for business and open for employment, for everyone.

Make your business more accessible

Find resources and supports to remove barriers for customers and employees.

Business ACCESS-Ability Grant Program

Information on a cost-shared grant through Nova Scotia Communities Culture and Heritage to make accessibility-related improvements for clients, customers, and employees.

Find Accessibility Resources

Toolkits, guides and webinars from the Province of Nova Scotia to help businesses improve accessibility and comply with the Accessibility Act.

East Hants Accessibility Plan

Information on East Hants’ Accessibility Advisory Committee and East Hants’ Accessibility Plan.

Local Partnership Opportunities

Learn about local opportunities to partner with Corridor Community Options, an organization providing residential and vocational environments to individuals living with intellectual disabilities.

Find skilled talent

Learn about programs and resources that help connect employers with the skilled talent pool of persons with disabilities.

Ready, Willing and Able

A program provided by Inclusion Canada, the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance and their member organizations. This program offers education, access to qualified candidates who have an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorders, and recruitment support.

Opportunites Fund

Information on wage subsidies available to businesses who wish to hire skilled persons with disabilities through the Opportunities Fund provided by Service Canada and TEAMWork Cooperative.

March of Dimes Canada Employer Services

Information on March of Dimes Canada’s comprehensive suite of services for employers to help recruit and retain persons with disabilities and create inclusive workplaces.


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