Business Growth Program

The East Hants Business Growth Program is a coordinated effort between local business leaders, the East Hants & Districts Chamber of Commerce, Nova Scotia Works/Futurworx and the Municipality of East Hants.

The program provides East Hants-based companies with market development information, connections, and supports aimed at accelerating local business growth.

The service we provide is confidential and the areas of support cover a range of needs, including:

  • Navigating government permits and regulations
  • Business location and relocation services
  • Connection to workforce supports for recruiting and retaining local talent
  • Guidance on accessing new markets and training
  • Connections to productivity and innovation programs to increase revenue
  • Market research
  • Information to help you assess new opportunities
  • Connections to financing
  • Access to R&D assistance
  • Support for exporting outside Nova Scotia


How the Program works:


Talk to Our Team

The first step is to get in touch with our Business Development Officers. Our Team will work with you to grow your business within your sector.


Let’s Meet

The next step, if it hasn’t happened already, is to meet so that we can learn about your business and your goals, discuss challenges you have, and opportunities that you want to take advantage of.


Finding Opportunities

Once your needs are assessed, our Team goes to work for you.  With the Local Business Action Team, we look deeper at your needs and opportunities to find what could help propel your business or solve a problem.


Making Connections

Asking the right people the right questions is key to success. Through our networks, we will make connections for you, provide information and guidance to put you directly in touch with the appropriate people, programs and supports to help drive your success.  And depending on your needs, we stay in touch with you as you work with our referral partners.


The Details

It’s our job to help you sort through all the details, so you can concentrate on growing your company. We will help you interpret and use market reports, location site selection information, provide you with what you need to know about East Hants building permit applications, partner program navigation and other regulatory compliance needed for your business plans.


30 60 90 Business Growth Aftercare

We don’t just leave you on your own.  We stay in touch with you as you work directly with the network.  Our Team will meet with you approximately every 30 days following the close of your engagement with the program, to help you translate the tools provided, information and supports into action.


For more information and to explore whether the program would work for you, Contact us or complete the form below.