Growing & Diversifying During a Pandemic

Last updated 10 October 2020

ATL Dairy, owned by Chris Nelson and located in Milford, Nova Scotia, is a full-service agricultural industry provider for the region. ATL Dairy partners with farm businesses across Atlantic Canada to supply them with everything they need to run their business smoothly and profitably. Facility construction, ventilation systems, herd monitoring, and cow and calf comfort, are a few of the services that ATL Dairy provides to the industry. In addition, through their use of automation and robotics, including state-of-the-art robotic milking equipment, ATL Dairy has brought innovative technology solutions to the agricultural sector in Atlantic Canada. Chris is also the co-owner of Coastal Agri-Commodities, whose work is focused on increasing the overall health of herds by providing nutritional assessments, feed additives, and other products to livestock producers.

ATL Dairy Owner, Chris Nelson

While COVID-19 has impacted the dairy industry, as with most industries globally, ATL Dairy was quick to find a new normal. They adapted and found ways to continue to provide high quality and safe solutions for their customers’ needs during the pandemic. As the dairy industry is an important part of the food supply chain, ATL Dairy remained committed to filling the needs and service requirements of agri-businesses throughout the region and across the Atlantic provinces.

Knowing there is still opportunity in the current business climate, Chris has diversified his business portfolio since the onset of the pandemic. In June, he opened the Full Nelson food truck to serve up quality homestyle cooking to the community. Then again, this fall he also opened Ship 2 Shore Hydraulics and RES Industrial Supply, to service East Hants businesses with their industrial supply and hydraulic hose needs. By diversifying his business lines, Chris is building resiliency for the future.

Chad Lindsay, Director of Sales and Marketing for ATL Dairy, attributes the East Hants community and its connected location as a cornerstone to the continued growth and success of ATL Dairy and its sister companies.  Himself a commuter from the Halifax area, Chad highlighted the accessibility of East Hants and proximity to Halifax for workforce access, the welcoming and supportive community, the lack of red tape, and the affordability of land and rent, as important factors that make East Hants a great place to do business. Chad also thanked the East Hants community and all dairy farmers in Atlantic Canada for keeping their business growing.

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