People & Talent

The youngest, and one of the fastest growing populations in Nova Scotia, East Hants is located just outside of Halifax and is home to a highly productive and skilled workforce.

East Hants and Indian Brook combined population is estimated to have increased by 0.44% (107) in 2018 to 24,201 (Statistics Canada, Annual Population Estimates, 2019).  This is the largest increase in the area’s population since 2012 when it grew by 0.78% (185).

In 2018, East Hants was estimated to have the youngest population for areas with over 10,000 people in Nova Scotia (Statistics Canada, Annual Population Estimates, 2019).  Over a quarter of the population (28.34%) was estimated to be under the age of 25. This means local businesses and businesses locating to East Hants can access a young, well-educated and productive workforce, right outside Halifax.


Active Workforce

In 2016, East Hants had one of the most economically active populations in Nova Scotia, with 66.3% of residents (age 15 years and over) in employment. East Hants attracts talent from all over Canada and the world, drawn to Nova Scotia by rewarding career opportunities created from a diverse regional economy, the neighbouring city of Halifax and a renowned quality of life.

East Hants’ diverse workforce showcases its appeal as a desirable place to live, with Business, finance and administration occupations (14.1%); Trades, transport, and equipment operators (22.9%); Education, law, social community, and government services (10.4%); and Management occupations (9.5%) all represented in the region (Statistics Canada, Census Profile, 2016).


Regional Commute

East Hants benefits from its close proximity to the city of Halifax and a great travel to work area. In 2016, 77.7% of East Hants residents had a commute time of less than 44 minutes. Excellent road connections across the region mean that people are able to commute easily to many locations across East Hants, Halifax and Nova Scotia.

With its growing population, East Hants is committed to creating walkable neighbourhoods. Investments continue to be made in active transportation, trails and future potential transit opportunities.


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