Cost Advantage

With competitive commercial development and workforce costs, the East Hants region provides the advantages you need to fuel your businesses success.

East Hants offers significant cost savings:

  • Purchase business park real estate that is on average over 70% lower (per square foot) than the nearby Halifax market. East Hants has an average business park lot sale price of $1.75 per square foot (2019).
  • Hire a workforce that is experienced and can contribute to your businesses success. In Nova Scotia, the median salary for the trades and transportation industry is 8% less than in Quebec and Ontario and 7% less than the U.S. median (2018).
  • The average price of a single family home in East Hants is just over $250,000, about 20% less than in Halifax

In addition, businesses locating to East Hants can take advantage of Nova Scotia’s competitive incentives offered through partner organizations.


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