One of the fastest growing areas in Atlantic Canada, East Hants is a vibrant, mid-sized community in the centre of Nova Scotia, with a young and growing population of over 24,000.

Located minutes from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, just north of Halifax, East Hants is home to a diverse and growing regional  economy.  Construction, manufacturing, transportation, and agri-business, combined with a strong retail services sector fuels growth in the region. Closely linked to the City of Halifax, economic drivers include the Halifax Stanfield Airport and the Port of Halifax.

People move here for several reasons: community, recreation facilities and events, parks and trails, library services, and the ability to live close to the City of Halifax.

There is room to grow here and a history of families setting down roots in the community that last generations. With its welcoming people and year-over-year population growth, there is an opportunity to become part of a fresh and vibrant community as it grows into the future.

Our regions include:

  • The Corridor, part of the Halifax to Moncton trade route and a vibrant consumer growth area along Highway 102;
  • Uniacke-Rawdon, a residential and commercial community closely connected by Highway 101 to Sackville and the City of Halifax; and
  • Fundy Shore-Central, a tourism and adventure destination located on the famous Bay of Fundy and home to the world’s highest tides.

Top three employers in East Hants:


The information below is from Statistics Canada and provides a quick overview of key population data.

  • The East Hants and Indian Brook combined population for 2019 is estimated to be 24,089  (Statistics Canada, Annual Demographics, 2019).
  • Median Age is 43.6 (Statistics Canada, 2016).
  • Percentage of population under the age of 25 is 28.3%, the highest in Nova Scotia (Statistics Canada, 2018)
  • Median total household income is $72,898 (Statistics Canada, 2016)

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