Elmsdale Business Park Environmental Assessment

The Elmsdale Business Park is growing, and attracting attention.

In order to accommodate demand for large 10+ acre lots, future development of the Elmsdale Business Park is expected to require the alteration of more than 2 hectares of wetland.  This in turn requires an Environmental Assessment.

The full application can be viewed on the EA website at www.gov.ns.ca/nse/ea

East Hants received a decision from the Minister of Environment on December 8th, 2016.  The Minister has requested additional information.

Currently, East Hants is contemplating the Minister’s decision and planning our next steps.

NSE Registration of Undertaking - Elmsdale Business Park Expansion

For more information, review the public presentation [PDF 12MB] presented on February 23rd, and the draft map options shown below.

Map Option 1 Environmental Assessment

Map Option 1

Map Option 2 Environmental Assessment

Map Option 2

Map Option 3 Environmental Assessment

Map Option 3

What is an Environmental Assessment (EA)?

An environmental assessment is a tool through which the environmental effects of an undertaking are predicted and evaluated, and a subsequent decision is made on the acceptability of the undertaking. The purpose of environmental assessment is to promote sustainable development by protecting and conserving the environment.  Environmental assessment promotes better project planning by identifying and assessing possible adverse effects on the environment before a new undertaking begins.

More information on EAs is on the provincial website.