Our Women in Business: Lindsay Lamb, Chartered Professional Accountant

When asked if she had any advice for women growing or building their businesses, Lindsay Lamb said “take all of the learning opportunities you can; build your craft; and don’t be afraid to jump right in.”

Lindsay Lamb, Chartered Professional Accountant, opened her accounting practice in the Mount Uniacke Business Park in February 2022 and is expanding with a second location opening in Truro in the coming months. Lindsay specializes in small business accounting and offers a variety of services with her team of 3 full-time employees and one part-time employee.  After receiving her accounting designation in 2007 and working in the private sector for a few years, Lindsay opened her in-house accounting and tax consulting practice in 2010. With over a decade of small business and agriculture experience, she decided to expand with an office space that would allow her team to grow and better serve her clients.

Building experience and confidence

Lindsay shared that one of the most significant challenges of her career so far is time and balance. She also mentioned the importance of creating the time to mentor and onboard new employees and being self-aware as an employer to be as adaptable as possible. Throughout her career, Lindsay has taken on opportunities for hands-on experience in her profession and shared that sometimes you need to recognize your weakness to grow. Lindsay continues to grow her expertise and is excited to take on work that challenges her and her team.

Finding balance

Choosing Mount Uniacke, for her office and as a place to call home, has helped Lindsay to get back to her rural roots and find balance. When we asked about balancing her busy practice and her personal life, she simply noted that she is intentional and makes time for the things she is passionate about. When Lindsay has free time, you can find her participating in the local Rotary Club, or working on her crafting creations. Lindsay also shared that you need to do what you love and enjoy, and push yourself, but be careful not to lose sight of what is important to you in the process!


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