High Demand for Uniacke Business Park

Commercial interest in East Hants is growing as Phase 2 of the Uniacke Business Park Expansion sells out

Written by Economic and Business Development Division

Helping to Meet Commercial Demand

The Uniacke Business Park, just off of Highway 101 in Mount Uniacke, is receiving increased attention as a destination for commercial and light industrial businesses.  The Park, which is home to 40+ businesses, has steadily expanded over the years to help meet the increasing demand for commercial land and locations near Halifax. The Park contains over 150 acres of commercial zoned land located just outside of Sackville and only 20 minutes west of Burnside Industrial Park.

Phase 2 Sold Out

The most recent expansion, Phase 2, of the Business Park brought just over 12 acres of commercial land to market at the beginning of July. Prior to opening up lots for sale, the Economic and Business Development team for East Hants worked to attract interest in the Park and had seen an increased level of activity from businesses considering Uniacke for their expansion or relocation.  This interest carried forward, and the lots sold out just after opening for sale on July 20th. The Park has attracted businesses from across a number of sectors including construction, manufacturing, ocean and seafood, and automotive.

Phase 3 Coming Soon

The next expansion of the Uniacke Business Park, Phase 3, is scheduled for construction in 2023 and will bring additional lots to market with the added benefit of Highway 101 frontage and visibility. This will continue to help meet the current demand for commercial ready land with access to workforce.

Connect with East Hants Economic & Business Development

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