CIRA Internet Performance Test

How fast is your Internet? Probably not fast enough.

With your help, i-Valley / East Hants funding applications to the federal and provincial governments will be successful and enable tangible infrastructure improvements in East Hants.  By taking the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) Internet Performance Test we will have better data to demonstrate our community’s readiness to take action on better internet for increased economic opportunity.

You can run the test as often as you like from a computer, smartphone, or tablet – the more times the better. Run it from home or work, coffee shops with Wi-Fi, anywhere you can get on the internet.


Take FOUR Easy Steps to Report your Internet Speed

1.  Go to the Online Test while at your business or residence using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, click on

Important  click “Yes” if asked to share your location. This will pin your location on the map.
Important please DO NOT enter the postal code. (This feature is being removed and impedes the accuracy of the test.

2.  Click the blue START button on the top right of your screen.

3.  Test Complete. Your upload and download speeds will be displayed, and your results added to the real-time map.

4.  Share with your friends! The more tests we get, the better the results will be and the more likely our funding applications to improve broadband internet will be successful.

Note: If the test doesn’t completely run that means that your Internet connection performance is poor and having problems.  This is also good information and your experience will be included in the results.


Why is this test better?

This analysis, referred to as an Internet Heat Map, is conducted from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and analyzes your internet connection speed within just 30 seconds. The test analyzes 100 variables specific to the quality of your personal Internet Connection in real time at your specific location.

As with our previous community survey on broadband and smart communities, we thank you, the public, for your participation and appreciate the time you are willing to dedicate as we work together to facilitate better internet in East Hants.  We continue to learn and make progress with your help.

We also are appreciative of our partners.  The use of this powerful tool from CIRA was only possible through East Hants’ collaboration with i-Valley and its community partners throughout the Greater Annapolis Valley.

“Policy makers know that it is tough to change what we can’t measure. CIRA has the infrastructure in place to help us understand the state of connectivity in the Annapolis Valley region as it is experienced by citizens and businesses every day. As we help our community build the tools it will need to compete in a global digital market, this data will help us understand the gaps and where we need to focus.”

– Terry Dalton, President and CEO, i-Valley

To find more about East Hants’ efforts to improve Broadband service in the region, visit our “Smart East Hants” page, call 902-883-4355 or email

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