Business Success Story: Division 8 Architectural Glass and Aluminum

Photo: The Staff of Division 8 Architectural Glass and Aluminum

For over 12 years, Division 8 Architectural Glass and Aluminum has been a staple in the glazing industry in Nova Scotia and as active member of the East Hants business community. Co-owners, Jim & Carolyn Smith, actively seek out innovative ways to improve their glass manufacturing and installation business while supporting the growth of the glazing trade in Nova Scotia.

Increasing productivity opens new markets

With a focus on reducing waste and labour-intensive tasks, Division 8 has recently invested in a number of automated saws, computer numerical control (CNC) machines and a walk-behind glass lifter. The walk-behind glass lifer is currently the only one east of Montreal and can lift up to 1200lbs of glass panels making installation more efficient and safer for its operator. It also opened up a new market for Division 8 in the installation of the “jumbo” glass walls as featured at several high-end car dealerships and retail storefronts in Halifax.

Division 8 Architectural Glass and Aluminum in the Elmsdale Business Park

Division 8’s work can also be seen optimizing natural light in many schools and public buildings across Nova Scotia. In 2018, they installed high-tech, adjustable opacity glass panels that transform from clear to private with the touch of a button at the IWK neonatal intensive care unit. Jim shared that he is excited for many upcoming projects including the opportunity to work with the Corridor Community Options for Adults on their new building in the Elmsdale Business Park.

Investing in people

In the beginning, Division 8 started out small, operating with only a few staff out of one industrial bay. Today, they have expanded to over 20+ workers with a fully operational facility on Park Road in the Elmsdale Business Park. Jim and Carolyn appreciate that this growth wouldn’t be possible without their great team of employees and that skilled employees are essential for success today and in the future. Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency credits Jim for his expert advice and advisory services in the development of the 2022 Atlantic Apprenticeship Curriculum Standard for glaziers. This standardized curriculum assists instructional staff in the design and delivery of training for the glaziers’ apprenticeship program. Jim is passionate about increasing apprenticeship opportunities in Nova Scotia and investing in the next generation of glaziers.


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