2022 Polling District Review

What kind of Local Government do you want?

The Municipality is required by s. 369 of the Municipal Government Act to conduct a review of its polling districts every 8 years.  A review is taking place this year in preparation for the next Municipal Election in 2024. 
  • The first phase of the review is to determine if the current 11 Council districts are still the appropriate number.
    • Phase 1 is complete and Council has decided to stay with 11 districts. However, due to uneven population growth in the municipality, significant changes are required to district boundaries.
  • The second phase of the review will look at the proposed districts to make sure that there are about the same number of voters in each district. The target is for districts to be within +/-10% of each other.
    • Maps of the current and proposed district boundaries are linked below.

Public Meetings

Three public meetings were held in January 2023, where staff provided background information and gave the opportunity for questions and feedback on the proposed new district boundaries. These meetings are now complete. Thank you to everyone who attended.


Polling District Review Report #1 – January 2022

Polling District Review Report #2 – February 2022

Polling District Review Report #3 – April 2022

Polling District Review Report #4 – June 2022

Polling District Review Report #5 – November 2022


Current Polling District Boundaries

Proposed Polling District Boundaries